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Over 40 million downloads


Live coverage for over 1,000 Football leagues globally​

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Engagement & Retention

Personalized notification

New Revenue stream

Betting Revenue opportunities

Scores Features
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Speed and Reliability can go hand in hand!

Delivering you the fastest real-time score update available online + Our top of the notch mistake proof filters for OVER 1,000 Football leagues & tournaments around the world. As for the UX? Look for yourself ;-)

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Live Scores

Real time - For real. Customize content coverage and page placement to optimize the experience for your users

Fixtures & Results

Top leagues, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th divisions, tournaments and cups -    We got it all covered!

Live Tables

Get Tables that are updated in REAL TIME during the match, with live status of qualifying/relegating teams

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Live The Game

365Scores - Serving real-time sports updates to millions of fans around the world since 2012

Explore our comprehensive range

 of sports widgets

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Combining wide coverage of real-time scores data with a friendly and intuitive UX optimized for millions of loyal users over recent years, enabled us to build a unique set of score features that will enrich the sports experience you’re serving your users and give

a boost to your revenue stream.

All YOU have to do - is implementing one line of a script.


When we say Live the game We mean it

How do you present a detailed match data and managed to keep a simple clean UI? How do you make sure to cover all different match modes - Before, during and after the match, supporting all match statuses and

 end-cases and still be almost 100% mistake free? We spend A LONG time and Endless tests trying to figure it out. We’ll let you be the judge of that

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Injuries & Suspensions


Head to Head

Match Events

Match Stats

Winning Odds

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Game center
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Match Zone Carousel

Your Football articles

are about to become smarter. 

The 365Scores Contextual Engine will analyze your article page on the flight and automatically fetch the right content for the most relevant match, with our engaging cards carousel

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By using the 365Scores widgets you’re not only upgrading your real-time sports data and the user’s experience, but you also enjoy the addition of new Advertising Real Estate. No headache -it’s all automatic! We’re talking about an endless number of new placements or a whole new stream of organic revenue.

Automatic placements

Organic Revenue

Use our Tags or yours

Betting opportunity
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They Play You Win

Our betting related content, available for all main leagues and connected to global and local Betting partners will enable you serving live relevant data for the Football partners and get it the betting affiliation revenue pull without getting your clothes wet

Odds on Score List

Display winning odds for all matches in the fixtures list, so real punters can feel at home using you scores feature for their end game

Predictions with Odds

Let the user play with predicting the match score with a proven engagement toll that stimulates an efficient betting funnel

Live Winning Odds

Pre & Live match winning odds, Odds for team’s next match once the match was over so you monetize all page views

Plug & Play

Lightweight widgets to ensure fast upload

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Let your users select their favorite teams/leagues to receive real-time notifications, and increase their Engagement and Retention.

The user can choose multiple favorite Teams to follow

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The user can choose multiple favorite Leagues to follow

The user receives only relevant notifications

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Lightweight widgets to ensure fast upload



An optimized display on all screen sizes

Customizable skin to match

your brand

Don’t waste precious time and resources on integration. Embed one line of code, and enjoy the full value of 365Scores - directly to your users. Choose your skin to align with your brand’s visual language.  

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